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Save to Notion Page

To capture content into a Notion page, you’ll be asked to authorize the Copy To Notion connection during your first clipping action. This step is only needed if it has not been done already, as the extension requires explicit permission from you to access and save clips to your page.
Once set up, you can begin to:
  • Clip a Screenshot: capture visual elements from any webpage and send them straight to your selected Notion page.
  • Clip a Text Highlight: save important pieces of text by selecting. They'll appear in Notion page with your highlights intact.
  • Bookmark a URL: keep your web findings organized by saving URLs into your Notion page. No more lost links or forgotten resources.
  • Take a Note: jot down thoughts or notes related to your project directly as they come to you and access them later in your Notion page.
  • Clip images: directly save images without needing to screenshot them.

Capture, Organize and AccessWeb Content with Ease.

Directly clip images, bookmarks, notes and text into Notion. Simplify your online research and content curation with our Notion Web Clipper.