Getting Started Guide
for Copy To Notion

by Idriss AIT HAFID · May 2023

Welcome to Copy To Notion, your go-to browser extension for simplifying your web clipping experience with seamless saving of highlights, screenshots, bookmarks, and notes directly into your Notion workspace.

Key Benefits and Features of Copy To Notion

  1. Streamlined web clipping: Quickly save web content like text, screenshots, and bookmarks to Notion, bypassing manual copying.
  1. Centralized organization: Organize all web clips in one place in Notion, creating an accessible knowledge base.
  1. Automatic URL inclusion: Each clip includes the source URL for easy reference and citation.
  1. Pre-designed template: Use "Web Clips and Bookmarks Manager" for organized clip management.
  1. Flexible saving options: Save clips to Notion pages or databases as preferred.
  1. Data privacy: Ensures privacy by accessing only shared web pages.
  1. Enhanced URL for highlights: When you save a selected text, saved URL will highlight and scroll to specific text for context.
  1. Personalized forms: Customize how and what content you want to be saved to your databases.
With a clear understanding of what Copy To Notion is, you're now ready to dive deeper into how to use it:

I. Install Copy To Notion Extension

  1. Access the Extension: Click here to visit the extension page.
  1. Add to Chrome: Click "Add to Chrome" and then confirm by clicking "Add extension" in the dialog box.
  1. Pin the Extension: Once installed, pin the Copy To Notion icon to your toolbar.
Figure: How to pin Copy To Notion extension
Figure: How to pin Copy To Notion extension

II. Allow access to Copy To Notion

To begin using Copy To Notion for saving web clips, you must first grant access to the Notion pages and databases where you'll save your clips:
  1. Click here to start the process.
  1. Click on the "Next" button to proceed.
  1. You will have two options to choose from:
    1. a. Use a template provided by the developer: by selecting this option, our pre-designed Notion template will be duplicated into your own Notion workspace, which the extension will use as a default destination for your web clips.
      b. Select pages to share with Copy To Notion: select and allow Copy To Notion access to the specific Notion pages and databases where you want to save your web clips.
notion image
  1. Click "Allow access" button to confirm your selection.

III. Start Using Copy To Notion

Let's walk through an example of saving a note.
Based on your choice of 'Use a template provided by the developer' or 'Select pages to share with Copy To Notion' on the previous step, follow one of the next two methods:

Use a template provided by the developer:

  1. Click on Copy To Notion icon on the toolbar
  1. Click on Save URL with Note
notion image
  1. If our template database is not selected automatically for you, just search for “Copy To Notion Web Clips” and select it.
  1. Write your note
  1. Click Add to Notion to save the note to the duplicated template on your Notion workspace.

Select pages to share with Copy To Notion:

If you would like to save your web clips to a specific Notion page or database, check the following guides:

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By utilizing Copy To Notion, you can seamlessly save and organize web clips, screenshots, bookmarks, and notes within your Notion workspace. This enhances your productivity, information management, and the ability to reference and retrieve valuable content whenever you need it.