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How to Customize Your Notion Database Form

Open the Form Settings

Start by clicking 'Edit Form Settings' within the main interface. This is where you'll customize your database form.

Name Your Form

Enter a descriptive title in the 'Form Title' field. This helps you identify the form when you're clipping content to Notion.

Customize Fields

The form will display fields that correspond to properties in your Notion database.
For each field, select the default value from these options:
  • Webpage icon (favicon): sets the field to capture the favicon of the website.
  • Clipped content: depending on the clip, this could be text, a screenshot, or an empty note.
  • Webpage title: captures the title of the clipped web page.
  • Webpage URL: captures the full URL of the clipped page.
  • Clip URL: for highlighted text, saves the URL that leads directly to the highlight. otherwise, it defaults to the 'Webpage URL'.
  • Taken screenshot: saves the screenshot image taken during clipping.
  • Selected text or Note: saves text you've selected or notes you've taken.
  • Clip type as value: will label the clip as a "๐Ÿ“ Highlight", "๐Ÿ“ธ Screenshot", or "๐Ÿ”– Bookmark" based on your action.

Add Additional Fields

If you need to track additional information:
  • Click 'show more fields...' to see hidden fields.
  • To add new properties to your form, select 'Add a field'. A list of your Notion database properties will appear, allowing you to choose which ones to add to your form. This makes it easy to tailor the data you collect to your project's needs.
โš ๏ธ
If you're trying to add a relation property, ensure the related database is shared with Copy To Notion.

Adjust Field Visibility

Next to each field, you'll find options to 'Hide Field' or 'Delete Field'.
  • Hide fields that you don't need to be always visible when taking clips.
  • Delete fields that are not relevant to your form to keep it uncluttered.

Save Your Customized Form

After you've finished setting up your form, click 'SAVE & RETURN'. Your form will now be customized to your specifications and ready to use.

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