Clip to Notion with ease.

Save Online Content To Notion in a Snap!

Instantly capture, categorize and keep track of web content – From gourmet recipes to important emails, directly into your Notion workspace.

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Your Plugin really helps me building up my weekly newsletter <3

Jens Polomski

Jens Polomski

Online Marketing & KI Freelancer

Super simple extension for Notion, I can now save any text, screenshot and url's to Notion instantly.

Daniel Remon

Daniel Remon

High Performance Life Coach

This is a great extension. It makes it easy to save screenshots.

Veerle Evrard

Veerle Evrard

Emergency Medicine Physician


Efficient Web Clipping for Notion

Seamlessly save any web content to Notion. Select, clip, and organize notes, bookmarks, quotes, and images with a single click.

  • Precise Selection: Clip exactly what you need.
  • Instant Organization: Place clips where they belong.
  • Source Included: Every clip links back to where it's from.

Make Notion your web content hub with Copy To Notion.

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Your Work, Elevated

Seamlessly take notes, grab graphs, and record formulas directly from your courses and tutorials into Notion.


Easy Access to Your Clips

Navigate your Notion clips with ease, clearly labeled with titles and URLs, alongside any of your predefined properties.

  • Clarity at a Glance: Titles and URLs provide immediate context.
  • Consistent Organization: Properties you've set, from tags to categories, are visible with your clips.
  • Engage with Information: Directly engage with your clipped content and notes.

Copy To Notion organizes your web finds for quick access and utilization.

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Daily Stuff, Done Easy

With Copy To Notion, organizing is super fun—like magic! Save all your homework and cool ideas and keep them safe in one spot, without any mess.

🎨 Collect design inspirations

📸 Screenshot products

🍳 Save gourmet recipes

📄 Curate Notion templates

🖌️ Bookmark design assets

🏠 Collect home renovation tips

🌺 Bookmark plants to buy

💼 Gather business-related information

💡 Highlight ChatGPT answers

📈 Note down business management tips

👩‍💼 Explore leadership concepts

🌍 Capture inspiring landing pages

💼 Highlight LinkedIn job offers

📊 Study data science interviews

👗 Screenshot fashionable clothes

💪 Highlight tweets about workout exercises

🎨 Collect design inspirations

📸 Clip product images

📧 Archive important emails

📚 Organize study notes

🤖 Highlight machine learning concepts

🌱 Highlight gardening tutorials

👠 Gather fashion inspirations

🏠 Save home decor ideas

🌺 Bookmark floral arrangements

💼 Collect business insights

📈 Highlight management strategies

👩‍💼 Save leadership articles

💼 Save job postings

📊 Bookmark interview questions

👗 Select fashion trends

🏋️‍♀️ Save workout routines

🔖 Bookmark coding tutorials

📝 Highlight project ideas

🌐 Clip research articles

🔍 Save search results

🛍️ Bookmark shopping lists


Tailor Your Notion Clippings

Customize your clippings with Copy To Notion to fit your workflow. Map out exactly what to save and how it's saved by choosing properties and setting default values.

  • Flexible Property Mapping: Assign webpage titles, URLs, and clipped content to your Notion fields effortlessly.
  • Pre-set Defaults: Streamline your process by setting default tags, statuses, and more for your entries.
  • Personalized Clipping Experience: Save information your way, with the detail and structure you prefer.

Define how you clip — Copy To Notion adapts to you.

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Unlock Even More Features with Copy To Notion!

Discover the Full Power of Copy To Notion - Try It Now!

  • Web Clips Template

    Streamline Your Digital Collection with Our Notion Template – Organize by Tags, Sources, and More.

  • Track Your Clips

    Never Lose Your Source - Track Every Clip Back to Its Origin with Ease.

  • Save To Notion Pages And Databases

    Effortless Integration – Save Directly to Your Existing Notion Pages and Databases.

  • Save Under Any Page Block

    Custom Content Placement – Save Exactly Where You Want on a Notion Page.

  • Multiple Clipping Formats

    Versatile Clipping – Screenshots, Images, Highlights, Bookmarks, and Notes.

  • Your Privacy Matters

    The extension can't access a page if you didn't explicitly share it.

Keep Every Discovery One Click Away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Copy To Notion makes organizing your online content super easy and private:
  • Save clips to your Notion databases and pages.
  • Capture clips to specific spots in your Notion page.
  • Select multiple items at once to save into Notion.
  • Comes with template for managing web clips.
  • Supports taking screenshots, images, highlights, bookmarks, and notes.
  • Keeps links to the source of clips for easy reference.
  • Only accesses pages you allow, keeping your data safe.

Shifting your attention between different tasks can reduce your productivity by up to 40%, that's more than a third of your day.

Copy To Notion helps you save online content directly to Notion, eliminating the need to switch tabs, search where to save and manually copy/paste all the details that are automatically saved by the extension.

Remain focused on your reading and research, while conveniently saving your findings with ease — all for the cost of a coffee per month.

To save to the same web clips template, whether you're using different devices, have reinstalled the extension, or for any other reason, simply follow the Manual Setup in this guide.

Copy To Notion is designed for anyone eager to streamline their online content management.

It's perfect for research, content creation, collecting inspirations, or simply maintaining focus by reducing digital clutter.

Whether you're a professional, student, or a curious mind, Copy To Notion adapts to your unique digital organization needs.

As the solo creator of Copy To Notion, I, Idriss Ait Hafid, do not have any ulterior motives with your data, as no one tells me what to do. I ensure that your privacy is respected.

The extension accesses only the pages you explicitly share. I put your trust and safety first in everything that goes into making and running Copy To Notion.

Yes, we allow refunds within 14 days of purchase. No need to contact support to request for a refund, you can refund yourself in one click. No questions asked.

Absolutely! Start with our FREE plan and experience how Copy To Notion elevates your Notion game. No credit card required.

Of course, you have complete control.

Go to Dashboard > Account page then click Cancel subscription — No questions asked.

As the Notion API doesn't support image uploads.

For the moment, screenshots taken by Copy To Notion are securely stored in Cloudflare R2.

We're here for you through email at [email protected], and for feature requests add your feedback here.

Effortlessly Clip Content,Directly Into Notion.

Empower your note-taking and content curation across the web with Copy To Notion. Perfect for content creators, researchers, and anyone aiming to boost productivity.