How to bookmark a URL into a Notion page

by Idriss AIT HAFID · Sep 2023

1. Bookmark the current URL

To bookmark a certain webpage, just click on the Copy To Notion icon in your browser toolbar, then choose Bookmark URL. After clicking, a popup will appear.
You can right-click and select Bookmark URL under Copy To Notion sub-menu, instead of using the extension icon.

2. Choose how it is bookmarked

In the popup, you can choose to save the URL as a simple bookmark or as an embed. The embed option allows you to view the webpage's content directly from your Notion page. Also, you can optionally leave a comment or a note that will be saved as caption under the bookmark.
Not all URLs can be embedded; it varies for each website.

3. Select the destination page

  • Click on “Add a Notion destination” under “Save to” dropdown
  • Type the title of your page on the search input
  • Select your page on the search results under Pages section.
You don’t need to repeat this step every time you want to save to the same page, the extension will remember the last destination page. You can star a list of favorite pages, so you can find them later under Starred Pages to switch between your destinations easily.

4. Save the bookmark

If you want the URL to be saved directly at the bottom of your Notion page, just click on “Add to Notion”.
else If you want to save the URL to a specific section of your page, click on the drop-down under “Clip’s position”, then choose under which section you want your link to be saved. Finally click on “Add to Notion” to save your bookmark.

5. Access the bookmarked URL

A little popup should be visible on the top right, you click on Open in Notion, to open the page where your bookmarked URL is saved.