Plans and Pricing

For $0/Month
  • One Notion workspace
  • Save to Notion pages and databases
  • Access a web clips manager template
  • Unlimited devices
  • 25 bookmarks in total
  • 25 notes & highlights in total
  • 25 screenshots in total
  • Save directly to specific Notion blocks
  • Links to your clips are automatically saved
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Jens Polomski

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$2.5 per month billed yearlytaxes included
  • Everything in the FREE plan
  • 1000 notes & highlights /month
  • 1000 bookmarks /month
  • 100 screenshots /month

Cancel anytime, no questions asked


$7.5 per month billed yearlytaxes included
  • Everything in the BASIC plan
  • unlimited Notion workspaces
  • unlimited highlights
  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited bookmarks
  • unlimited screenshots

Cancel anytime, no questions asked

Lifetime Deal

$39 one-time paymenttaxes included
  • Everything in the Free plan
  • 1 Notion workspace
  • unlimited highlights
  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited bookmarks
  • unlimited screenshots

Pay once, use forever

Frequently asked questions

These are the most frequently asked questions.

What makes this extension different?

Copy To Notion stands out with its unique blend of features designed for enhanced organization and customization. It not only allows saving of various content types like screenshots, images, highlights, bookmarks, and notes straight into Notion, but also provides a specialized template for organizing these clips. Its ability to let users choose specific locations on a Notion page for saving content offers unmatched precision. Additionally, it prioritizes privacy by accessing only user-permitted pages and ensures easy source tracking by linking back to the original web clip. These capabilities make Copy To Notion an exceptional tool for detailed and efficient content management.

Is Copy To Notion worth the investment?

Shifting your attention between different tasks can reduce your productivity by up to 40%, that's more than a third of your day. Copy To Notion helps you save online content directly to Notion, eliminating the need to switch tabs, search where to save and manually copy/paste all the details that are automatically saved by Copy To Notion. Remain focused on your reading and research, while conveniently saving your findings with ease all for the cost of a coffee per month.

Who should use Copy To Notion?

Copy To Notion is designed for anyone eager to streamline their online content management. It's perfect for research, content creation, collecting inspirations, or simply maintaining focus by reducing digital clutter. Whether you're a professional, student, or a curious mind, Copy To Notion adapts to your unique digital organization needs.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely, your data's safety is my top priority. As the solo creator of Copy To Notion, I, Idriss Ait Hafid, ensure that your privacy is respected. The extension accesses only the pages you explicitly share, and I do not have any external influences dictating the handling of your data. Your trust and security are paramount in every aspect of Copy To Notion's development and operation.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we allow refunds within 14 days of purchase. No need to contact support to request for a refund, you can refund yourself in one click. No questions asked.

Can I use it for free?

Absolutely! Start with our FREE plan and experience how Copy To Notion elevates your Notion game. Upgrades are hassle-free whenever you're ready.

Can I cancel my plan?

Of course, you have complete control. Cancel anytime with a single click — No questions asked.

Where the screenshots are stored?

As the Notion API doesn't support image uploads. For the moment, screenshots taken by Copy To Notion are securely stored in Cloudinary.

How can I reach to support?

We're here for you through chat or email. Start a chat or drop us a line at