Best Notion Web Clipper alternative

by Idriss AIT HAFID · May 2024

Finally! You've found the Notion Web Clipper Alternative

Seeking a better option than Notion Web Clipper? Many users switch to Copy To Notion for its superior customizability, flexibility, its ability to save a wider variety of formats to any Notion destination you choose and comes with a web clips and bookmarks template. While we have great respect for the effort behind Notion Web Clipper, we invite you to discover the advantages of making the switch to Copy To Notion.

The web clipper you've been looking for.

With so many web clippers available, I've dedicated considerable effort to make ours not just functional and enjoyable to use but also reasonably priced to sustain this project.
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Quick start and easier organization

Not sure where to save your clips? Unlike Notion Web Clipper, Copy To Notion gives you a Web Clips Manager Notion template. This helps you keep your online clips well-organized in one place.
  • By picking our web clips manager template, you can save your clips straight into it without any extra steps.
Main page of the Web Clips and Bookmarks Manager template
Main page of the Web Clips and Bookmarks Manager template
  • If you go for a personal database, Copy To Notion automatically does the work of aligning your database's properties such as tags, relations and URLs with what the extension brings to the table. This means you can start saving right away. Plus, you can change how things match up whenever you want. Unlike Notion Web Clipper which only captures the page content.
  • If you opt to save to a page, you'll have the flexibility to select the precise block next to which you want the clip to be saved. This is in contrast to Notion Web Clipper, which only allows saving to the end of the page, which is the default behaviour in Copy To Notion.

Taking clips doesn't get better than this

Copy To Notion makes it easy to save to any destination you like be it a database, a page or a template! It supports multiple clipping formats:
  • Select multiple elements and save them at once.
  • Take cropped or full screenshots.
  • Collect highlights, and take notes.
  • Save as bookmarks or as embeds.
  • Pick images.

Copy To Notion vs Notion Web Clipper*

Copy To Notion
Notion Web Clipper
What can be set in a database
Page title, icon, properties and content.
Page title and content.
Saving formats
Highlight, screenshot, note, bookmark, note, embed, image and multi-selection.
Save to Notion page
Free web clips template
Save under a specific page block
Link that hilightlights the clipped text
Save article
Can be done through multi-select
Select HTML elements to get their content into any field
Freemium, $3/month, $9/month
*This table highlights the differences and omits common features.
If you notice any inaccuracies on this page, please contact [email protected] and I’ll be happy to make the necessary adjustments.
If you haven't installed Copy To Notion extension yet, now is the perfect time to give it a go!
If you haven't installed Copy To Notion extension yet, now is the perfect time to give it a go!

Capture, Organize and AccessWeb Content with Ease.

Directly clip images, bookmarks, notes and text into Notion. Simplify your online research and content curation with our Notion Web Clipper.