Take a quick note into Notion

by Idriss AIT HAFID · Feb 2024

Take a quick note into Notion

Have you ever stumbled upon something online that sparked a great idea? With Copy To Notion, you can capture that inspiration instantly. The extension allows you to jot down your thoughts as soon as they come to you, right on the webpage you're browsing. It's like having a quick-save button for your brainstorms.
You need to install Copy To Notion extension before beginning. Quick start guide available at get started.

Step 1: Open Your Note with a Shortcut

When inspiration strikes, there's no need to fumble for your mouse. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L (or Cmd+Shift+L on a Mac) to bring up the Copy To Notion popup.

Step 2: Choose Where to Keep Your Notes (Done only once)

Decide where in Notion you'd like to save your quick notes. This is a one-time setup—choose a page you've created, perhaps called "My Ideas" or "Quick Notes". Copy To Notion will remember your choice, so next time, you can save even faster. If you ever need to change it, it's just a click away.

Step 3: Write Your Note

You'll see the title of the current webpage, which helps you remember why you saved this note. Below the title is a text box for your insights. Type in anything that you've read or seen that you want to remember, like a comment, a summary, a quote, or your own reflections—anything to keep the idea alive.
Save Note with url to Notion page interface
Save Note with url to Notion page interface

Step 4: Save Your Note to Notion

After capturing your thoughts, click 'Add to Notion'. Your note will be directly sent to the Notion page you've chosen. It's stored securely and is easily accessible for future reference.


Forget the fear of losing those brilliant ideas or important thoughts. With Copy To Notion, saving them is quick and effortless—a mere keyboard shortcut away! Make Copy To Notion part of your daily digital routine to streamline your workflow and ensure your best ideas are always just a click away.

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